December 17, 2002


Members of the Board present: State Treasurer, John E. McCormac, Chairman; Caren S. Franzini, Executive Director of the EDA and representing the EDA Chairman; Chief Operating Officer Randy Primas; Christine T.J. Tucker representing Mayor Gwendolyn Faison; City Council President Angel Fuentes; Marge Della Vecchia representing Commissioner Susan Bass Levin and Freeholder Director Jeffrey Nash; Senator Wayne Bryant, Legislative Member; Public Members; Daniel Dalton, Robert Milner, Reverend J.C. Jones, Vice Chairman; Rosa Ramirez, William Hosey and Rodney Sadler.

Also Present: Michael Heningburg, Asst. Counsel, Governor's Authorities Unit; Bette Renaud, Deputy Attorney General.

Chairman John McCormac called the meeting to order at 10:10 a.m.

In accordance with the Open Public Meetings Act, Ms. Franzini announced that notice of this meeting has been sent to the Star Ledger, the Times, the Courier Post and the Philadelphia Inquirer at least 48 hours prior to the meeting, and that a meeting notice has been duly posted on the Secretary of State's bulletin board at the State House.


The first item of business was the approval of the November 19, 2002 minutes of the Board. MOTION TO APPROVE: Mr. Primas SECOND: Mr. Fuentes AYES: 12

The next items was the ratification of a loan for costs related to the implementation of the responsibilities of the Camden Economic Recovery Board.

Ms. Franzini welcomed Senator Bryant as a new Board Member. Senator Bryant asked that the minutes reflect that his membership and that of the Assembly designee, Joseph Roberts, are as non-voting members.

Mr. Hosey entered the meeting at this time.
Mr. Nash entered the meeting at this time.

A presentation was made by Milford Liss, Executive Director of the Boys and Girls Club of Camden.

A presentation was made by Thomas Corcoran, President and COO of Coopers Ferry Development Association ("CFDA") of the streetscape activities being undertaken by CFDA in the Interior Gateway Arena.

A presentation was made by Cliff Henry of Hammer, Siler, George Associates on the work the firm and its associates will be doing as consultants to the Economic Recovery Board to prepare a Strategic Revitalization Plan, Capital Improvement/Infrastructure Master Plans and annual project and financial plans.

Senator Bryant discussed efforts he is leading to prepare Camden residents to be employed by construction firms carrying out capital projects in the city. The Department of Labor, under Commissioner Kroll's leadership, and the Schools Construction Corporation developed pre-apprentice programs and project labor agreements, which will benefit Camden residents. Senator Bryant expects to provide more information to the Board at the February meeting.

Mr. Primas observed that there is a strong level of interest in the Board and excitement about the city's new direction. He anticipates releasing the city's reorganization plan shortly and noted a new application for a Hope VI project in Centerville that has just been submitted.

Reverend Jones asked Senator Bryant how information about the jobs creation effort is being disseminated and suggested the use of a website approach, and providing information to the city's high schools. Senator Bryant answered that when the plans were in final form, this would be a good approach.

Rosa Ramirez commended Mr. Henry on his presentation and Hammer, Siler's overall approach to the Strategic Plan effort.


Chairman McCormac opened the meeting to the public for any comments.

Dan Sullivan of High Ability presented information about his organization that seeks to bring disabled people into the Camden labor market and he urged inclusion of the disabled into any jobs creation effort.

Yolanda DeNeely Aguilard discussed her work with the Camden community oriented policing partnership and made several other observations.

Jerry Harris, Rowan University, brought to the attention of the Board general environmental health concerns that Camden residents have and suggested that environmental health be considered as a criteria for projects to be funded.

James Smallwood discussed his business, The Choice is Yours, Inc. and the efforts he is using to train Camden residents for entrance into the construction trades.

Sean Brown, student reporter, asked about job contracts for city employees. Chairman McCormac suggested that he ask COO Primas the question after the meeting, as it wasn't related to the responsibilities of the ERB.

There being no further business, on a motion by Mr. Sadler, and seconded by Mr. Primas, the meeting was adjourned at 11:05 a.m.

Certification: The foregoing and attachments represent a true and complete summary of the actions taken by the State Economic Recovery Board for the City of Camden at its meeting.

Caren S. Franzini, Executive Director, EDA
Asst. Secretary, ERB