Incentive Programs - Brownfields and Contaminated Site Remediation Program

IF YOU ARE: A developer in the State of New Jersey in need of financial assistance to clean up and redevelop polluted sites and closed municipal landfills.

YOU MAY: Enter into a redevelopment agreement with the EDA and be eligible to recover up to 75% of approved costs associated with the remediation effort.


  • Eight state taxes, including sales, business use and corporate taxes, are eligible to be used to reimburse the developer of remediation costs.
  • Reimbursements are based on tax collections; there is no financial limitation on the total amount to be recovered.

PROGRAM DETAILS: The Brownfields and Contaminated Site Remediation Program was designed to restore key brownfields sites to productive use through incentives making the redevelopment more affordable. This reimbursement program is funded by new sales taxes derived from the businesses that are located on these formerly contaminated and unusable properties.

  • Developers are required to attend a pre-application meeting with members from the EDA, Department of Treasury and the Department of Environmental Protection.
  • Applicants are required to provide a detailed summary of the development project and the ability to generate new sales taxes.
  • To qualify, a developer must be a non-responsible party agreeing to undertake and complete the environmental clean up of the site to the satisfaction of the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection.
  • All work on an approved project must be completed under prevailing wage.


Division of Taxation Tax Clearance Certificate Application Processing Fee: $75 for standard processing; $200 for expedited processing (response within three business days)

*All fees are non-refundable.