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Transportation & Logistics 

Perhaps more than any other place in the nation, New Jersey is a transportation and logistics state. With the largest port by value of goods shipped on the East Coast, the 2nd densest rail and road networks, the country's premiere air transport systems laboratory, and the busiest airport system in the U.S., transportation and logistics are in our DNA. Best-in-Class-Transportation-Ecosystem.png

The transportation and logistics sector is a major contributor to our economy, accounting for close to 200,000 private sector jobs and $23 billion in GDP. This is driven by the over 13,000 transport and logistics businesses who are located in New Jersey, including the headquarters of many of the world's largest automotive, shipping, aviation and logistics companies. Transportation's indirect economic contribution to our economy is even larger. With over $800 billion in goods shipped to and from sites in the state each year, New Jersey's economy and our communities' wellbeing is dependent on the efficient movement of goods and people. 

One of the reasons so many companies are locating here is our growing and diverse transportation and logistics workforce. Over the last five years, we've seen a 29% growth in sector employment: the highest growth rate of any Northeast state. 

All of this is why Governor Murphy's 2018 Economic Development Plan identifies transportation as a focus sector for the State. 

We recognize that improved mobility will require smarter thinking and new technological solutions, alongside continued investment in existing asset and services. Therefore, the NJEDA is leading a whole-of government drive to establish New Jersey's as a the nation's pre-eminent "transport technology hub"--leveraging the State's strategic location, unrivaled human capital and world-leading research institutions. 

Whether you are an existing transportation or logistics business looking to optimize operations and accelerate growth, a technology company focused on smart mobility solutions, or a start-up looking to move from ideation to real-world application, NJEDA stands ready to be willing and able partner. See below for more information on New Jersey's transport and logistics sector, programs and resources available, and exciting sector developments. 


Products and Services 

Innovation Economy Programs 

We are committed to nurturing the development of new technologies and ensuring that the State continues to be a leader in innovation. That’s why we offer a full range of programs and services to fuel the continuing growth of core industries vital to the State’s economy. So, whether you are an early-stage company, a research and development firm, a manufacturer, a service provider or other established business, the NJEDA may have the financing, real estate development and technical assistance tools to meet your specialized needs.

Our efforts can provide businesses like yours with low-interest financing through our matching loan programs, tax incentives, real estate, and networking opportunities with the investment community.
Learn more about our all our Innovation Economy Programs 

Small and Mid Sized Businesses 

Supporting small to mid-sized businesses has always been one of our top priorities. The NJEDA has creative and versatile loan solutions available to small to mid-sized businesses. Contact us to determine if any of our programs are the right fit for your small to mid-sized business needs.
Learn More about all our Small & Mid Sized Business Solutions 

Large Business & Development 

The NJEDA offers a full range of programs to help support large corporations that are creating or retaining jobs in New Jersey. Our incentives are attractive to existing large companies in the state, as well as those considering New Jersey as a future home.Low-interest financing through bonds, direct loans, loan participations/guarantees, and tax incentives rank among the key reasons for large corporations to conduct business in New Jersey. 
Learn More about all our Large Business & Development Solutions

Additional Resources 

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Jonathan Kennedy
Sector Lead-Transportation, Logistics & Infrastructure
Office: 609-649-3278


Justin Balik
Senior Project Officer, Economic Transformation 
Office: 862-872-3027


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Project Officer, Economic Transformation 
Office: 609-858-6705