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Tri-Power Consulting

Tri-Power Consulting, a Denville-based engineering, design, manufacturing and consulting business, received a loan through the Small Business Fund to consolidate leasehold capital improvement costs it made in connection with a full interior renovation prior to the purchase of the building it had been leasing since 2010.  This financing helped the company establish a permanent home in Denville. 

Tri-Power provides document/contract management services and staffing solutions (www.tripowerjobs.com) and services, to development services for custom computer applications which model business processes.

“Tri-Power’s client base consists of biomedical, pharmaceutical and aerospace clients, mostly in the Northeast, so Denville is an ideal location for the company,” said Robert Mastice, Managing Director/Co-Owner, Tri-Power. “It was important to us to invest in the community, our employees’ workplace and in the future of NJ where we have built our business and grown our client base; and the State’s support was instrumental in making that happen.”

Click here for more information on EDA's assistance to Tri-Power Consulting

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