Rodney Sadler

Camden Economic Recovery Board

In 1980, Rodney S. Sadler founded Pyne Poynt Marine Services in North Camden, and purchased the land and business in 1990. In 1992, he was hired by Camden County to open and operate Wiggins Park Marina, where he is currently the harbourmaster. Sadler has volunteered his time as the President of Save Our Waterfront, which administers the North Camden Plan. He also serves as President of Camden Gateway Urban Renewal, an organization which is building a Supermarket in North Camden, and also serves as a member of the Knox Development Team representing his neighborhood's interests in a North Camden industrial park. Mr. Sadler’s additional affiliations include: Camden City Planning Board, Chair; North Camden Neighborhood Development Corporation, Vice Chair; Cooperative Business Assistance Corporation, Member and former Vice Chair; Juvenile Case Conference Committee, Member; Camden Museum and Learning Center, Founder and Director; Camden City Sea Explorer Troop, Ship #573, Executive Officer; State Street Housing Corporation, Member and former Vice President; Environmental Commission of Camden City, Vice Chair; Camden Greenways Working Group, Member; and Kiwanis, Camden City Chapter, First Vice President.