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Draft Update to CCRC Renaissance plan

The Capital City Redevelopment Corporation (CCRC or Corporation) was created by an act of the New Jersey State Legislature and charged with revitalizing the Capital District for the benefit of all the citizens of the State. The legislation requires the Corporation to adopt a 20-year Capital City Renaissance Plan (“the Plan”) to guide “the use of lands within the district in a manner which promotes the economic vitality of the district and enhances the quality of the public environment.” With legislative amendments granting the CCRC the ability to act as a designated Redevelopment Agency within the Capital District, the Plan may also serve as a direct tool by which to enact projects of specific interest. All plans adopted by the City of Trenton, County of Mercer, the State Building Authority, or other governmental entities affecting the physical development with the District are required to be consistent within the provisions set forth herein. The original Renaissance Plan was adopted in 1989.  

The draft update to the CCRC Renaissance Plan is intended to guide public and private investment decisions in the Capital District (“the District”) through goals, policies, and specific recommendations aimed at creating a more attractive physical, social, economic and natural environment in keeping with the intent of the legislation. Recommendations included in this plan are largely conceptual and aspirational. Implementation will require further study and consensus. Acting as one tool in the CCRC’s multifaceted effort to revitalize the District, the Renaissance Plan will be complemented with specific actions to further encourage public and private collaborative investment and foster mixed-use economic development in the District. The Renaissance Plan seeks to preserve the historical, cultural, architectural, and environmental assets of the Capital District while engendering significant new development opportunities.

Proposed adoption timeline forthcoming, check back soon for updates.

Click here to read the FULL DRAFT Capital City Renaissance Plan

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