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Sandy Construction Information - Stronger NJ Business Loan (SBL) Program


Office of Recovery- Stronger NJ Loans

Contract and Construction Documents Tracking Sheet

The following is a list of Contract and Construction Period documents required to be included and or completed and submitted by owners , borrowers and their General Contractors (and Sub-Contractors). Items noted as (Sample) are included for reference only, the use of the document as it pertains to the project is required.


Documents Due Prior to Owner/GC Contract Execution (from Owner/Borrower to NJEDA)
1 Contractor's New Jersey Business Registration Certificate (BRC)
2 Important to Review- Information regarding use of SWMVBE's
3 Contractor's NJEDA SWMVBE Form 1- Utilization Worksheet
4 Verification of Prime Contractor and Subcontractor Eligibility
5 Notice of Contract Award (Executed contract)
Documents Required to be attached to Construction Contract
6 CDBG Compliance Provisions for Construction Contracts
7 CDBG General Conditions (Recommended)
8 Mandatory Contract Language (as per pages 53 & 54 of NJEDA CDBG-DR Administrative Manual)
Documents Required to be completed by General Contractor and included with executed Construction Contract
9 Anti-Lobbying Certification (Sample)
10 Contractor's Schedule of Values (AIA G703 or equivalent)
11 Drug-Free Workplace Certification (HUD-50070)
12 Certificates of Insurance, naming NJEDA as additional insured
Document Owner/Borrower is Required to Issue to General Contractor prior to Construction Commencement
13 Written Notice to Proceed
Documents for use during Construction
14 Contractor Payment Applications (AIA G702/703 or equivalent)
15 Contractor Change Order (AIA G701 or equivalent)
16 SWMVBE Monthly Contract & Subcontract Activity Report
17 Partial Release of Liens (AIA G706A or equivalent), as required
Documents for use during Close-Out
18 Surveyor's Report, if required (HUD-92457)
19 Owners Certification for Acceptance and Final Payment
20 Contractor and Subcontractor Release(s) of Liens (AIA G706 or equivalent), as required
Checklists Recommended for Your Use
21 Contract/Construction Procedures Checklist for Private Business Loans and Grants
22 Contract and Construction Documents Tracking Sheet
23 Labor Standards (LS) /Section 3/ EEO/ Affirmative Action (AA)/ SWMVBE Bid Package and Pre-Construction Document Tracking Sheet
24 NJEDA CDBG-DR Administrative Manual (Revised 1/30/17)