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The New Jersey Energy Resilience Bank


Bid Package, Contract, and Construction Documents Tracking Sheet

The following is a list of Procurement, Contract, and Construction Period documents required to be included and or completed and submitted by Subrecipients and their General Contractors (and Sub-Contractors). Items noted as (Sample) are included for reference only, the use of the document as it pertains to the project is required.


Documents Included in Subrecipients Bid Packet for Construction Contracts
1 Advertisement for Bids (Sample)
2 Information for Bidders (Sample)
3 Bonding and Insurance Requirements
4 Bid Bond (Sample)
5 Information on Payment and Performance Bonds with copies of Bond Forms
6 Bidder Qualifications (Sample)
7 Sample Contract
8 Information regarding use of SWMVBE's
9 NJEDA SWMVBE Form 1- Utilization Worksheet
Documents to be Submitted by the Subrecipient prior to Bid Opening
10 Detailed Independent Cost Estimate for full project scope
11 Submission of current Conflict of Interest Policy
Documents to be Completed and Submitted with the Construction Bid (per Bidder)
12 Bid Bond
13 Consent of Surety
14 Bidder Qualifications Form
15 New Jersey Business Registration Certificate (BRC)
16 New Jersey Public Works Contractor Registration/Certificate (CRC)
17 NJEDA SWMVBE Form 1- Utilization Worksheet
Documents Due After Award by Subrecipient to General Contractor but Before Contract Execution (from Subrecipient to NJEDA)
18 Verification of Prime Contractor and Subcontractor Eligibility
19 Notice of Contract Award
Documents Required to be attached to Construction Contract
20 CDBG Compliance Provisions for Construction Contracts
21 State of New Jersey Standard Terms and Conditions
22 CDBG General Conditions (Recommended)
23 Voluntary Compliance Agreement and Conciliation Agreement
24 Mandatory Contract Language (as per Pages 53 & 54 of NJEDA CDBG-DR Administrative Manual)
Documents Required to be completed by General Contractor and included with executed Construction Contract
25 Anti-Lobbying Certification (Sample)
26 Performance Bond (Sample)
27 Payment Bond (Sample)
28 Certificate of Owner's Attorney (Sample)
29 Contractor's Schedule of Values (AIA G703)
30 Drug-Free Workplace Certification (HUD-50070)
31 Certificates of Insurance
Document Subrecipient is Required to Issue to General Contractor prior to Construction Commencement
32 Written Notice to Proceed
Documents for use during Construction
33 Contractor Payment Applications (AIA G702/703)
34 Contractor Change Order (AIA G701)
35 SWMVBE Monthly Contract & Subcontract Activity Report
36 Contractor Partial Release of Liens (AIA G706A), as required
Documents for use during Close-Out
37 Surveyor's Report, if required (HUD-92457)
38 Engineer/Consultants Certification for Acceptance and Final Payment
39 Consent of Surety (AIA G707)
40 Contractor and Subcontractor Release(s) of Liens (AIA G706)
Checklists Recommended for Your Use
41 Procurement/Construction Procedures Checklist for Public Agencies and Non-Profits
42 Bid Packet, Contract, and Construction Documents Tracking Sheet
43 Labor Standards (LS) /Section 3/ EEO/ Affirmative Action (AA)/ SWMVBE Bid Package and Pre-Construction Document Tracking Sheet
44 NJEDA CDBG-DR Administrative Manual (Revised 1/30/17)
Subrecipient Administrative Training Meeting Presentation
45 March 3, 2016
Subrecipient Administrative Training Meeting Presentation - Procurement, Contract, & Construction Standards (ERB)
46 March 3, 2016
Subrecipient Administrative Training Meeting Presentation - Compliance (ERB)