Cornelia S. Huellstrunk

Executive Director Keller Center

Cornelia Huellstrunk serves as the Executive Director of the Keller Center at Princeton University. The Keller Center's mission is to educate leaders for a technology-driven society, by innovating education and fostering innovation, design and entrepreneurship.


The Keller Center is based in Princeton University's School of Engineering and Applied Science and shares the school's vision for bridging disciplines to ensure that all students are prepared to put science and technology to use in solving critical societal challenges. Through a variety of curricular and co-curricular initiatives, the Keller Center thus serves as a hub, connecting constituents within the campus community and reaching out to the broader eco system. Cornelia oversees the Center’s day to day activities and operations and is actively involved in building up the Center’s entrepreneurial activities. Cornelia directs and manages the eLab program, an on campus accelerator. She sets the programmatic structure of the program, recruits the student teams and builds the mentor and advisor pools.

Cornelia has an international academic and professional background. Prior to joining Princeton University in 2009, she worked with Texas Instruments' semiconductor business for over 12 years. At Texas Instruments, she worked as the global marketing manager for the MSP430 microcontroller business in Dallas growing a small fledgling business to a dynamic multi-million dollar business within TI. Prior to joining the microcontroller division at Texas Instruments, she worked in various TI businesses and locations worldwide including London, Nice and Munich. She also spent half a year working as a market researcher in Bangalore, India with MAA Communications.

A graduate of Columbia University with a BA in economics, Cornelia holds an MBA from the German university Universitaet des Saarlandes in Saarbruecken, Germany.