Zvi Loewy, Ph.D.

Managing Partner, KL&R Biotech Partners

Dr. Zvi Loewy is an experienced global pharmaceutical – biotechnology executive who excels in driving product innovation from conception to commercialization. Dr. Loewy leverages a diversified background in big-Pharma senior management as well as Biotech Startup creation and management. Dr. Loewy has been involved in initiating and managing several life science startup companies, and has been the key inventor on many of the patents that served as the foundation for the companies. 

Zvi is a true visionary who has demonstrated creativity in the development of pharmaceutical, diagnostic and medical device products and platforms. Zvi is passionate about business growth and has commercialized products that generate > $ 1 billion in annual revenue. Zvi’s international experience has included championing the penetration and commercial launch of healthcare products in China and developing markets, and leading open innovation in the Mid-East. 

Zvi received his education at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Zvi is on the faculty of the New York Medical College (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology) and Drexel University (Engineering); is on the board of the Jerusalem College of Technology, the New Jersey Technology Incubator, and Radius Alliance LLC; a member of the scientific advisory board of C3 Jian, Inc.; is a member of the steering committee of the Pennsylvania Translational Research Partnership Institute and the Coulter advisory council; and is an Editor of the Journal of Prosthodontics. Zvi has published broadly and has over 25 issued patents.