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LIghtbulbs_Manufacuturing.pngManufacturing Businesses

The NJEDA offers a multitude of programs to support manufacturing companies located in New Jersey, as well as to attract those companies outside of New Jersey that are seeking to relocate or expand. We have created special programs to help manufacturers reduce costs. From low-cost, long-term bond financing, to loans, guarantees and incentive grants, the NJEDA can serve as a one-stop service center for the financing and growth needs of your manufacturing business.

Depending on your business goals, the NJEDA may have a financial solution that works for you.

Grow NJ Assistance Program

Grow NJ is a powerful job creation and retention incentive program that strengthens New Jersey's competitive edge against tax incentive programs in surrounding states.  Businesses that are creating or retaining jobs in New Jersey may be eligible for up to tax credits ranging from $500 to $5,000 per job, per year; with bonus credits ranging from $250 to $3,000 per job, per year  (award amounts vary based on applicable criteria.)

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Bond Financing

Creditworthy manufacturing companies, 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organizations, and exempt facilities in New Jersey may be eligible for long-term financing under the Bond Financing Program.

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Direct Loans

New Jersey businesses in need of financing and committed to job creation/retention may be eligible for direct loans through EDA when financing is not available under other EDA financing programs.

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Premier Lender Program

The Premier Lender Program creates new opportunities for small businesses and EDA’s lending partners by providing new, low-cost financing opportunities with faster turnaround.

If your small business is discussing potential financing with one of EDA’s Premier Lender banks, EDA’s participation or guarantee of a portion of the financing can lower the cost of borrowing for your business.

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New Jersey Advantage Program

Creditworthy New Jersey business in need of financing and committed to job creation/retention in New Jersey may be eligible for financing through the New Jersey Advantage Program, a joint program of the EDA and TD Bank.

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Salem County Energy Sales Tax Exemption

The program provides an energy sales tax exemption for the retail sales of electricity and natural gas and their transport to manufacturing businesses in Salem County. The energy and utility services must be consumed exclusively at the facility.

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Urban Enterprise Zones (UEZ) Manufacturers Energy Sales Tax Exemption

Urban Enterprise Zone (UEZ)-certified manufacturers that employ at least 250 full-time workers, at least 50% of whom are involved in the manufacturing process, may be eligible for an exemption from the sales and use tax for electricity and natural gas utilities, both the commodity and its transmission, consumed at the UEZ-certified location.

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