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Why Choose NJ for Offshore Wind?

New Jersey is located in the heart of the East Coast wind belt, and geographically positioned to be a hub for the U.S. offshore wind industry.

Under Governor Murphy’s leadership, New Jersey has established an ambitious goal of generating 7.5 GW of electricity from offshore wind energy by 2035 as part of the State’s Energy Master Plan to transition to 100 percent clean energy by 2050. This means 30 percent of offshore wind energy produced on the East Coast will be from New Jersey. NJEDA is investing resources to ensure that the arrival of offshore wind creates jobs and opportunities for New Jerseysans in addition to generating clean, sustainable energy. 

Whether you are a large offshore wind developer, an established manufacturer or supplier looking to relocate, or a small business interested in joining the offshore wind supply chain, New Jersey is the place for your business to get started, get established, and grow.  See below for more information on New Jersey’s Offshore Wind Sector, and the programs and resources NJEDA has for developing the offshore wind economy.

1.1 GW

of projects awarded over the next 8 years, one of the largest single solicitations

7.5 GW

of procurements scheduled over the next 8 years


Plan to achieve a 100% clean energy economy by 2050

NJEDA Programs and Incentives for OFfshore wind

Angel Investor Tax Credit Program
Edison Innovation Fund
New Jersey Offshore Wind Safety Training Challenge
NJ Accelerate
NJ Founders & Funders
Offshore Wind Tax Credit Program
Offshore Wind Workforce and Skills Development Grant Challenge
Wind Turbine Technician Training Grant Challenge

New Jersey Offshore Wind Procurement Schedule

New Jersey has a clear offshore wind procurement timeline for its 7,500 MW target. This steady, transparent heartbeat of procurements is responsive to industry needs and is a part of the State’s commitment to creating the conditions necessary for supply chain localization.


Capacity Target (MW)

Issue Date

Submittal Date

Award Date

Est. Commercial Operation Date

1 (2018)


Q3 2018

Q4 2018

Q2 2019


2 (2020)


Q3 2020

Q4 2020

Q2 2021


3 (2022)


Q3 2022

Q4 2022

Q2 2023


4 ( 2024)


Q2 2024

Q3 2024

Q1 2025


5 ( 2026)


Q2 2026

Q3 2026

Q1 2027


6 ( 2028)


Q1 2028

Q3 2028

Q1 2029


The New Jersey Wind port

The New Jersey Wind Port is a purpose-built development project that is positioning New Jersey as a
hub for the US offshore wind industry.

The port offers an unrivaled combination of:

  • Purpose-built marshalling Heavy-lift wharfs and component laydown areas
  • Open access to the Atlantic Ocean (free of vertical restrictions)
  • Short steaming distances to more than 50 percent of US offshore wind lease areas
  • Access to a highly skilled trades and technical work force

The New Jersey Wind Port will support up to 1,500 manufacturing, assembly, and operations jobs. Construction,
which is targeted to start in 2021, will create hundreds of additional union jobs.

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WInd Institute

Following the WIND Council’s report, NJEDA is providing assistance to the yet to be established Wind Institute for Innovation and Training (Wind Institute) to coordinate and galvanize cross-organizational workforce and innovation efforts to position New Jersey as a leader in offshore wind.

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NOTE: In order to support future business development opportunities for New Jersey-based companies, company contact information and supply chain areas will be made available to the public through the New Jersey Supply Chain Registry.  In addition, detailed product and service offering information entered into the registry may be shared by the Business Network for Offshore Wind with developers and OEM prime contractors looking for partners.

Additional registry information (e.g., company competencies) and custom reports can be requested by emailing Aaron Roller ( with a description of your request.  Please indicate “New Jersey Offshore Wind Supply Chain Registry Request” in the subject line of your email.

Disclaimer and Release: By using this registry, the user acknowledges that the information on the registry has not been vetted by the NJEDA in any way and that the NJEDA does not endorse or vouch for the entities listed thereon. By proceeding to use the registry, the user does hereby release and forever give up any and all claims, rights causes of action, suits, costs, damages and demands whatsoever, regardless of whether arising before or after the making of this Release, against the Authority deriving out of or related in any way to services provided to user by any company listed in the registry.  This Release extends to any cause, matter, transaction, act, claim or thing, or omission related to services provided to the user by any company listed on the Registry. This Release is made for the benefit of the Authority and each of the Authority’s successors, divisions, legal representatives, assigns, subsidiaries and/or affiliates, and the Board members, directors, commissioners, employees, agents, representatives and attorneys of all of the foregoing, and their respective heirs, executors, administrators, attorneys, successors, legal representatives and assigns.  This Release shall bind user and anyone claiming by, through or under user.

New Jersey is committed to a clean energy future and building a local offshore wind industry is core to this vision

– Phil Murphy | Governor of New Jersey

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