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July 12, 2021

Economist’s Corner – July 2021

The Economic Recovery Remains Incomplete If you spend some time reading the popular press on the state of the economy, you’ll likely come away with a simple story: the economy is booming as everything re-opens and pent-up demand from the past year gets filled, but constraining economic growth are shortages of goods and labor, which […]

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Economist Corner
May 17, 2021

Economist’s Corner: What’s Holding Back New Jersey’s Labor Supply?

Economists love their data, and for good reason. Data enables us to understand important issues such as what factors support economic growth, impact price inflation, and alter labor flows. Right now, many people are struggling to use data to answer one very important question: is overgenerous government support for unemployed workers hindering businesses from recruiting […]

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Economist Corner
March 24, 2021

Economist’s Corner – Women’s History Month

The pandemic has significantly decreased labor demand. From the outset of the pandemic through the end of 2020, prime-age employment (employment among people aged 25-54) fell by approximately…

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Economist Corner
February 19, 2021

Housing Market, Foreign Direct Investment, and GDP by County

To an economist, housing is like any other market: it’s about supply and demand. And while demand for New Jersey homes has swelled, supply has done quite the opposite. And, as a result, prices have surged higher.

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Economist Corner
January 26, 2021

New Jersey Gross State Product, International Trade, and Commercial Real Estate

As with every state in the US, New Jersey’s economy suffered an unprecedented drop in 2020:Q2, followed by an unprecedented rebound in 2020:Q3.

Heading into Q2, with COVID-19 cases surging, New Jersey’s economy went into a virtual freeze – something with no parallel in post-WWII history.

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