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Public Notice

Cancellation of All Scheduled Meetings for NJDA

In accordance with sec. 25.a. of P.L. 2008, c.27, the New Jersey Development Authority for Small Businesses, Minorities and Womens Enterprises (NJDA) created by section 3 of P.L. 1985, c.386 (C.34:1B-49), in but not of the Department of Treasury, is abolished and all of its functions, powers, and duties are continued and transferred to the New Jersey Economic Development Authority. Please be advised that all scheduled public meetings of the NJDA are herein canceled.

In support of the states efforts to spur the growth of small businesses throughout New Jersey, particularly those owned by women and minorities, the NJEDA is committed to continuing its assistance to small businesses through its various programs and initiatives. These include technical assistance, real estate development services, and low-cost financing, like that offered through the FastStart for Small Business Program and the Fund for Community Economic Development, which, among other uses, provides capital to micro lenders to increase their lending capacity and services to small businesses. To learn more about opportunities for business growth throughout New Jersey, visit the state's business portal at www.nj.gov/njbusiness/