why Choose NJ for Technology?

New Jersey is committed to nurturing the development of new technologies and ensuring the State continues to be a leader in innovation. Our diverse ecosystem is home to more than 10,000 technology companies. The next generation of tech is happening right here! New Jersey is centrally located in the Northeast corridor and is the leader in high-speed internet connectivity. We offer the tools and resources that enable technology companies to thrive.

New Jersey was the birthplace of LCD-technology, digital cellular, C++ and barcoding technology. Today, the State is a hub for emerging technology sectors including: Cyber Security; Big Data Analytics; Fintech; Artificial Intelligence; Communications; and Digital Health.  

We are the home to 63 universities and have the highest concentration of scientists and engineers in the Nation, offering ready access to a diverse, highly-skilled technology workforce. Whether you are an early-stage startup, or global technology enterprise NJ is a place where your innovation can get started, get established and grow.

Emerging Technology Ecosystem

NJEDA Technology Program and Incentives

Angel Investor Tax Credit Program
Edison Innovation Fund
NJ Accelerate
NJ CoVest Fund
NJ Founders & Funders
NJ Ignite
SBIR/STTR Direct Financial Assistance Program (CSIT)
Technology Business Tax Certificate Transfer (NOL) Program
Venture Fund Investments

Research with nj is more than just a place to get information: it is a dynamic community of collaborative networks and news about the New Jersey’s unique culture of innovation. It is an online gateway that lets New Jersey’s entrepreneurs and commercial enterprises identify experts, facilities, publications, intellectual property, news, and events in five of the state’s universities: Princeton University, Rutgers University, New Jersey Institute of Technology, and Rowan University.



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