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Strategic Sector Support

Launched in support of Governor Murphy’s 2018 Economic Development Plan: The State of Innovation: Building a Stronger and Fairer Economy in New Jersey, NJEDA’s Strategic Sector efforts aim to accelerate the growth of New Jersey’s economy by developing and implementing programs that enhance the State’s long-term economic competitiveness in eight strategic sectors.

NJEDA  works in partnership with industry leaders, academic institutions, and government agencies to provide a coordinated approach to sector-based growth. We leverage New Jersey’s existing assets and implement programs to increase economic opportunities and create jobs.

We focus on expanding our State’s competitive strengths driving long-term growth and reclaiming New Jersey’s position as a center of invention and innovation.

Strategic Sectors

NJEDA innovation economy Programs

Angel Investor Tax Credit Program
Clean Tech Research and Development (R&D) Voucher Program
Clean Tech Seed Grant Program
Edison Innovation Fund
New Jersey Offshore Wind Safety Training Challenge
NJ Accelerate
NJ Arts and Innovation Festival Challenge Grant
NJ CoVest Fund
NJ Founders & Funders
NJ Ignite
Offshore Wind Tax Credit Program
SBIR/STTR Direct Financial Assistance Program (CSIT)
Technology Business Tax Certificate Transfer (NOL) Program
Venture Fund Investments
Wind Turbine Technician Training Grant Challenge

Click Here for a comprehensive information session discussing the various NJEDA programs designed to support New Jersey’s Innovation Economy. This session includes a review of programs such as Angel Investor Tax Credit, NJ Ignite, NJ Accelerate, and more.

Angel and VC Investments

Access to capital is pivotal to the growth of emerging New Jersey innovation-focused companies. Garden State businesses continue to attract the capital they need to grow. Below is a summary roundup by month of the many of the companies that have received investments, as well as a roundup by month of many mergers and acquisitions. Click on each company’s name to learn more.


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Strategic Innovations Centers

In July 2021, NJEDA approved policy guidance for utilizing recently appropriated funds to undertake development of or investment in strategic innovation centers.

Strategic Innovation Centers are facilities that either directly support research and development (R&D), innovation, or entrepreneurship or are aimed at solving specific problems in new and innovative ways through a combination of services such as mentorship, networking opportunities, hands-on training, business support services, education opportunities, and/or access to testing, fabrication, or manufacturing facilities and equipment.

The aim of funding strategic innovation centers is to accelerate economic recovery and drive the long-term growth of the State’s innovation economy.

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Golden Seeds

Governor Phil Murphy’s comprehensive plan for building a stronger and fairer economy in New Jersey includes a goal of creating the most diverse innovation ecosystem in the nation and doubling venture capital in the state. Furthermore, the Governor’s plan calls for closing the racial and gender wage and employment gaps. One means of closing wage and employment gaps is to close the funding gap for female-led startups. 

In support of this goal, the NJEDA has worked with First Lady Tammy Murphy to organize a New Jersey chapter of Golden Seeds to focus on New Jersey women-led businesses. Here is the First Lady’s discussion on the benefits of supporting female entrepreneurs.

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New Jersey Commission on Science and Technology

In August 2018, Governor Murphy signed legislation re-establishing the former New Jersey Commission on Science and Technology as the New Jersey Commission on Science, Innovation and Technology. The Commission is tasked with leading the way in promoting the state as a home for academic and technological research, development, and commercialization. The Commission is comprised of 17 members including the State’s Chief Innovation Officer, the Secretary of Higher Education; the Commissioner of Education; and the CEO of the NJEDA.

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Build Back Better Regional Challenge

On September 16, 2021 Governor Phil Murphy and NJEDA announced the NJEDA’s participation in four regional coalitions preparing applications for the U.S. Economic Development Authority’s Build Back Better Regional Challenge. The Challenge is a federal grant program to help communities adopt and implement transformational, industry-based economic development strategies that strengthen economic diversity and resiliency in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Applications must be centered around developing or growing a regional industry cluster, with a long-term transformational vision and a plan for execution. Applicants for the Challenge act as a regional coalition with one lead entity per application.  The four coalitions that NJEDA has joined focus on regional industry clusters that are part of Governor Murphy’s Stronger and Fairer Economic Plan, including biomanufacturing, clean energy, aviation, and smart ports.

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